24/7 Monitoring

We keep an eye on your IT while you focus on your business

Let our team of experts keep the tabs on your systems around-the-clock, with our 24/7 Monitoring service that makes sure your IT is always performing optimally.
Our remote monitoring service allows us to manage your system even while we are not onsite. All our tasks can be done in the background without interrupting your daily processes.

Keeping watch over your technology doesn’t have to stop as the last employee clocks out for the day.

TTG Tech’s 24/7 Monitoring includes:

  • Notifications in the event of a critical network issue
  • Thresholds set up to identify low disk space, high CPU utilization, and other events indicating performance issues
  • Monitoring of data / tape backup logs
  • Application monitoring to identify potential issues even if the server is up and running
  • Full hardware and software inventories
  • Updates for operating systems, business apps and antivirus software
  • End-of-month reports detailing up-time, security patching, and performance

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