What is Risk-free IT?

We’ve always felt response times and service-level agreements were just a way to confuse the client for billing. If the CEO makes an agreement that certain machines have priority, does the end user understand it? No, they just want their equipment to work. What if the servers are on an immediate response and workstations on a four-hour response time? When the payroll department has machines out, does the IT team have four hours? No, all machines are important. We know how to prioritize. Why lock into a multi-year contract? If our partnership isn’t a good fit, all you need to do is give us 30 days’ notice. Pay for the first month in advance; all subsequent months are billed in arrears. One reasonable fixed fee each month covers unlimited support calls.

TTG Tech’s Risk Free IT means:

  • No complicated services - we don’t do geek speak
  • No long-term contracts - a simple month-to-month agreement
  • No upfront billing - months 2 on bill in arrears
  • No overbilling - you'll know exactly what you pay for
  • Easy management of expenses - with one all-inclusive fee

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